Strada Luncii nr. 4, Bistrita

About Us

SC TEHNOSINCRON SRL has been established in 1995 in the town of  Bistrița,Romania.

What we specialise in:

We refurbish and commercialise  complete bottling lines and all the connected equipments that come with them   

With the experience we’ve acumulated over the 25 years of work,qualified personal and the required tehnical package,we are able to meet and surpass all of our customers expectations.

Our main focus is to get a clear understanding of our clients needs and requirements  and to offer the most efficient tehnical solutions,while at the same time taking into consideration our clients financial posibilities.

We offer upon request brand new equipments:

– complete bottling lines

– bottle rinsing machines

– bottlin machines

– capping machines

– labelling machines 

– packaging machines/6 pack foil packers 

All of the equipments are produced in Europe,  and they respect all of the European Union’s standards and regulations.

We have a variety of equipments on stock,but we also provide on request : used equipments,complete bottling lines.

We also offer : refurbished equipments 

The refurbished equipments are delivered in brand new shape,being practically a brand new equipment that has received a full restoration. The tehnical and functional side of the equipments is completly reworked,personalized and accesorized according to our clients needs and specifications ,thus offering complete confidence in exploatation.

We also focus a lot on the etethic side of the refurbished equipments ,thus offering our clients used equipments, transformed into brand new equipments,impecable tehnically but also estethicly.

We offer transport,maintenance,setup, service and warranty  for all of the new equipments sold by us.

Why choose us?

We are dynamic team,united,with a positive attitude.

We have our own workspace equipped with the proper tools and equipments,means of transportation and the infrastructure required to run any project in optimal conditions.

We have many relations and contacts that we have formed over the years,with the top of the line manufacturers of equipments,exchange parts and supplies from Romania and from Europe.

We discuss thouroughly with our clients in order to find the best possible solution that would fit their case best. We are transparent and direct and we want to understand our clients needs as best as possible. That is the only way that we can set clear objectives that we will fufill of course!  

We don’t like the waste,wether that’s waste of time,money or energy,neither ours or our clients’s.

Before we start each and every project,we first have to believe in it’s potential and succes, we believe in “the action plan” and we wish for our clients to have the same positive attitude.

We are 100% aware of the resposibility we have for our clients

We believe and promote the idea that there is no such thing as a crisis! We view them more like some sort of “political games” and whoever believes in them is attracted by negativism and the effects that it has.